El videoclip com a obra d'art total. Sobre Africa Shox (Leftfíeld), de Chris Cunningham


  • Jaume Radigales


The concept of total art as synthesis was intuited by Wagner, Demiurge of the ultimate Modernism, but materialized with difficulty in his musical dramas. He had to break with theatrical [orm and flee the "enslaving" parameters of opera in order for the Gesarntkunstwerk to acquire its own dimension and character. The evolution of audio-visual forms as integrators of representative-iconic language (images) and sybolic language (music) made that unique manifestation possible. Epigone of those first intuitions, the video clip has succeeded in moulding them into a provisionally definitive shape. A piece like Africa Shox, by British director Chris Cunningham, helps to exemplify this.


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Radigales, J. (2005). El videoclip com a obra d’art total. Sobre Africa Shox (Leftfíeld), de Chris Cunningham. Tripodos, (17), 191–200. Retrieved from https://tripodos.com/index.php/Facultat_Comunicacio_Blanquerna/article/view/1396

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