2024 Summer Note


Welcome dear lectors, authors and reviewers from Tripodos,

we are making this announcement to update on the current situation of the Journal.

First, we are in the middle of the process of publishing the number 55. This week we have released the second last article of the issue. You can check it here. The last paper of this number will be published on July 8th. After that, we will send you again an email with the finished issue packed, also with the introduction of our guest editors Maria Cruz Negreria Rey and Xosé Lopez Garcia, both from Santiago de Compostela University.

Second, we want to inform you that the articles from our issue number 56 (Putin And The New Russian Expansionism. An Approach From Communication And International Relations) are in peer-to-peer review process. Our intention is to start publishing them this winter.

We also want to remember that we have an open Call for Papers for issue number 57, whose main topic is “From Corporate Activism To "Dark Pr". Corporate Discourses And Their Influence On Public Opinion In The Digital Society”. It closes on 1st October. You can check the full CFP here.

Last, we want you to stay aware of the email and of our social media on LinkedIn and X because that is where we are updating all of our new content, related to releases of CFP, articles and more.

We want to wish you all a good summer and a good holidays!

Tripodos Editorial Team